Closing Checklists

Buyer Closing Checklist

What You Need to Bring to Closing:

Funds for Closing: Wire the necessary funds to our escrow account before closing. Ensure all funds are available, and obtain the exact amount at least 3 days prior. WE CANNOT ACCEPT CHECKS. Move funds from investment accounts well in advance.

Insurance Binder: Provide a homeowner’s insurance binder showing the first year's premium paid in full. For condos, include the Master Insurance Binder and possibly an HO-6 policy for the interior.

Identification: Bring a state-issued driver’s license, U.S. Passport, or another valid photo ID. Many lenders require a second form of ID.

Sale Documentation: If applicable, bring the Settlement Statement and a copy of the Deed from the sale of your current home.

Your Smile: You’re buying a new home!

Seller Closing Checklist

What You Need to Bring to Closing:

Identification: State-issued driver’s license, U.S. passport, or another valid photo ID.

Keys and Codes: All keys to the home and alarm codes/information.

Contractor Documents: Invoices, certifications, or evidence of repairs, if applicable.

Utility Bills: Any water bills in your possession and proof of payment.

Tax Bill: Copy of the last paid real estate tax bill.

HOA Fees: Evidence that all condo/HOA fees are paid, if applicable.

Helpful Information: Consider providing the new buyers with contact information for your landscaper, septic company, private trash hauler, handyman, etc.

Prior to Closing, Don’t Forget to:

  • Notify utility companies of your move-out date.
  • Discontinue phone, internet, and/or cable service.
  • Leave appliance warranties and instructions in the house, or bring them to closing.
  • Notify your insurance agent of the closing date to cancel your current policy.
  • If purchasing a new home, ensure you have a fully signed Settlement Statement and provide wiring instructions to the title company handling your settlement.
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